Saturday, July 25, 2009

SNS Gamenight - July 2009

This month, our only game on gamenight was a large game of Johnny Reb 3 in 28mm. Gary, Lynn and Pat have a large collection for this and prepared a Confederate General's dream: Outnumbering a defensive Union army by 2-1 odds. The first photo shows the Union troops setting upon the defending ridge.

Initial Union brigade defenses on the ridge.

The first of several Rebel brigades attacking the Union left flank.

A division of Reb troops prepares to attack the Union center across wide open fields.

I commanded the cavalry brigade on the Union right flank. I suspected that enemy units would be coming this way and intended to hold them up for a while as Union reinforcements arrived. Little did I know how many enemy troops were off table!

Two brigades of Union reinforcements arrive. Hordes of Confederate reinforcements arrive.

As the Union reinforces the right flank, the Stonewall Brigade advances across the fields.

My cavalry brigade fails to hold up three brigades of Rebs. Instead, they turn into a speed bump. A small speed bump.

Stonewall brigade moves fast across open space. Unfortunately for them, they faced 6 batteries of guns.

On the right flank the Union troops are losing the attrition battle and the first brigade is whittled down.

Survivors of the cavalry reform on the ridge. The reinforcing Union brigade on the right is smashed by 3 brigades of over-enthusiastic rebels.

Seen from the Rebel right flank, hordes of troops attack the Union left flank. (unfortunately in this picture you can see union figures being used as confederate troops. Arrrrg! The Horror!)

Union troops on the left flank of the ridge redeploy to stop the Confederate advance.

Seen from the confederate left flank, 3 rebel brigades overwhelm the Union right flank at the bottom of the ridge.

In the center, the confederates reach the bottom of the ridge and start up. The Union center has been weakened by withdrawing units to cover the flanks. However, the Union batteries on the hill absolutely "wrecked" the Stonewall brigade.

It's about over. The Rebs center assault rolls through the last units defending the ridge center and the game is called. There just aren't enough Yankees left to stop 2 divisions of troops crushing the center and left flank.

It was fun learning the Johnny Reb 3 rules again and playing with the large figures. Gary, Lynn and Pat have a tremendous collection to game with and I'm sure we'll be playing this again some time.