Friday, December 28, 2012

December SNS games

FOW Action, 15mm. Gary R. (red shirt) gives instructions.

Back to describing the last games of the year. The Saturday Night Skirmishers (SNS) usually game on the first and second Saturdays of the month, but to satisfy the demands of our members who want more tank action, we also set apart the third Fridays as FOW night. Our indefatigable Gary Rhay had set up a Russian Front campaign to help create battles for that night, and December saw a mighty German attack in progress as the Soviets tried to escape the closing pincers of panzers.

StuG G assault guns head towards dug in Russian infantry.

I was unable to play, but stopped by for some photos. I believe I heard that the Germans are winning the campaign so far, but someone please tell me if I have that wrong.

Crusaders (foreground) vs. Saracens. 28mm Deus Vult game.

Several of our group were very impatient to play the new game Deus Vult. Thankfully, Kai has 28mm armies of Crusaders and Saracens available, so as soon as Dennis had the rules in hand a game time was set up. The game includes a fairly hefty section on activities leading up to the battle which include scouting, deployment, and terrain selection, but for this battle that part was skipped and the armies deployed for immediate action. 

Crusader Knights and Saracen cavalry clash on the Crusader left wing.

Each army was divided into three "battles' or divisions, each of which comprised three or more units. Kai's forces are based singly so that he can adapt to any rules set by placing their magnetized bases on unit bases. On the Crusader right wing, the heavy infantry and crossbows took their sweet time trying to move forward while the center and left knight units charged out to meet the foe. The Saracen bow units had trouble advancing, but did try to pepper the Crusaders with arrows. In the center and right, the cavalry clash kept us all very busy as we tried to figure out how the close combat system worked. It took a lot of discussion to try to figure out the author's intent on close combat sequence and morale results. 

The slaughtered Knights retire to their lines.

Unfortunately, one of Gary S' knight units had trouble forming up to charge, and so the combatting knights were outnumbered and outfought by the Saracens. PLUS the Crusader players rolled really bad. The knights were nearly wiped out and the remnants retreated. With nothing to stop the Saracen center, the crusader infantry had to retreat from the field.  Now that we have a better sense of the game, I'm pretty sure we'll be trying it again.

The other battles played down at GAJO were store-sponsored events, and you can see pictures of those games on the GAJO website, including one of the most fun games so far of Bolt Action WW2.

I did take pictures of the X-Wing mini-tournament.

Rebel Alliance fighters vs. Imperial T.I.E. fighters. New A-Wing fighter in the center.

In this small tournament, named "Kessel Run" or something, four new ships were introduced and were actually given out to participating players! Then players set up their 100-point forces to play against each other in multiple rounds. In each scenario, the players had to fight around 8 asteroid counters and I can tell you that it isn't as easy as you think, I took several hits from glancing blows that crippled my ships.

Slave-1 and escorts battle Rebel fighters. It's dropping a seismic charge which will destroy that A-Wing.

My brother Dave won the A-Wing fighter and I won the Slave-1 ship. The new models are awesome! Take a look at the new Millenium Falcon below:

It's big but not agile, and carries a lot of firepower.

There's something to be said about the quality of quantity. The Empire player can take lots of lower-quality pilots in T.I.E. fighters, but it gives them lots of shots which can be the deciding factor. However, the droid technology of the Alliance can be a game-decider as well. Lots of fun!

The last big game for December is tomorrow, a War of the Ring game down at GAJO, and I'll try to get there for some photos of the battle for Pelenor field.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

December 2012 Catch-up

Grand Fleet action, 1/2400 Figurehead ships. A wind change catches the British fleet on the leeward side of an island.

Don't say anything, I know, I know... WAY TOO LONG  between posts. Well, sometimes It's hard for me to want to do computer things when I've been on the computer already all day long for work. All I can say is I'll try to do better. Today I'm posting a representation of the events for the second half of the year, both SNS and my other gaming club friends, WFHGS. I'll try to come back to some of these and post more pics as well. SNS games are held at GAJO Games in Sandy, Utah. WFHGS games are held at various homes of the members.

Normandy Firefight in 20mm. Great skirmish game.

Dystopian Wars. My British steampunk ironclads attempting to round an island and intercept the Prussian fleet.

Fire and Fury 15mm, WFHGS action. 

My Irish Guards AT 6pdrs try to hold off my brother Dave's Wiking SS in Flames of War, 15mm. Marginal victory for me (YAY).

WW1 Tank action in 28mm. Rules are a modification of the new Bolt Action WW1 rules. It plays extremely well, and you'll see more of this in the future. Tanks by Craig, owner of GAJO.

Trench action in the same game. My 28mm 1918 stormtroopers are about to take a trench line from the few Tommies remaining. GAJO has a big post about this battle on their website.

Back with WFHGS. Matt's Early war Germans blitz past a Russian farm (I tell you it's RUSSIAN) but are hit from a KV-1 off to the right. Our first try at the revised I Ain't Been Shot Mum rules in 28mm. Vehicles are some diecast, some 1/48 Tamiya or Hobby Boss.

Napoleonic French infantry advancing in columns. Gary Scott put on a BIG game of General de Brigade in 28mm.

SNS holds FOW night on the third Friday each month at GAJO. Here, Gary Rhay's panzer recon company sends their Panzerjaeger support platoon across a bridge on my flank. Only lucky hit for me that night was on the one tank that didn't make it across. Most disastrous FOW defeat I've suffered so far. Must get revenge.

More Fire & Fury 15mm with WFHGS. We really like this game, and we're painting more forces.

Another game we love at WFHGS is Warmaster Ancients in 10mm. Here, Matt tries to get his Seleucid Pike blocks into an attack before the Indian army overruns him. We'll be playing our annual WA mini-tournament soon after Christmas.

Bart Woods of NUTS wargame group has modified FOW for modern armor games. This was part of a huge 1973 Arab-Israeli bash at GAJO in 15mm.

Tanksgiving at GAJO. Battle of Arracourt, FOW 15mm. Using the lists from the Blood and Guts book. 

Finally, we come back to Sci-Fi. My brother and I try out the new X-Wing game. Great little Star Wars models, easy to learn, fun to play. More on this soon.

More pictures of SNS games and other giant games at GAJO at
Matt keeps a Friday Night Update at the WFHGS website: