Sunday, September 26, 2010

September Game nights

Jeff's Prussians stand like a rock against Frank's Austrian infantry.

The September Armchair admirals game was cancelled after it was apparent no one was signing up for it. Russ had alerted me previously he would be unavailable that Saturday, but evidently no one else could make it or was not interested.

There were two games scheduled for our group's game night, the second Saturday night of the month. The first was to be a 15mm Vietnam war game trying out the new rules (Firefight, I think). Unfortunately, everyone who was so interested in this game suddenly backed out until only Russ came to set up a game.

I'm really disappointed that this has happened. I think it's important that people who commit to a game need to responsible enough to make sure they are there or else give plenty of notice that something has come up and they can't make it. I know that this sometimes happens, including to me, but how about a phone call at least? The person preparing a game goes through a lot of effort to set games up, and it's only good manners to be responsible about our schedules.

Our second game was Age of Reason Seven Years War in 15mm. Jeff G and Gary R played Prussians while I teamed with visitor Frank on the Austrian side. It was a learning game for Frank and Gary, both of them did very well. In fact Gary planned and executed a successful cavalry attack against my right flank. After some very bad rolls, my brigades were finished and the Austrians were doomed! A fun game, and we learned a lot about the rules.

Prussian setup, cavalry on their left flank.

Austrian setup, my cavalry and infantry brigades on our right.

After routing my cav, Gary's cavalry cave in my infantry brigade.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

August Game nights

WW1 Naval action in 1/6000. Figurehead ships.

Things got busy and I almost forgot to report on our August game nights. On our Armchair Admirals night, Russ led a few of us in a game experimenting with a new WW1 naval game he's been working on. It's based on his successful game Micronauts: The Game published by GHQ miniatures. While MN:TG is for WW2, the new game uses similar mechanics with WW1 data to create the feel of Dreadnought actions. In our test game, based on Dogger bank, the German Battlecruisers are escaping from the British Battlecruisers while the destroyers and light cruisers class. In our game, there was no chance of catching the German capital ships so the British turned their wrath on the smaller ships, obliterating several of them before calling the game. The circle of string represents a moving squall, which seriously interfered with some of the British shooting. Fun game, includes a lot of individual ship data. We'll be playing this more to help Russ develop the game.

15mm Goths and Romans clash.

On game night there was another episode of Flames of War WW2 action in our ongoing Operation Goodwood campaign (British loss). I'm sorry that I don't have a picture to post, I got too wrapped up in umpiring the other game! On the other table, I was experimenting with using my 15mm Dominate Romans in battle against Early Visigoths using Warmaster Ancients. This was a test, because the minis I have were based for the Osprey game series Fields of Glory. The good thing is that the basing is very similar at 40mm wide bases, with only varying depth and a different way to mount cavalry. I'm happy to report that figures mounted for FOG can be played just fine using WMA rules. The reverse is not necessarily true, that is, WMA figure mounting does not have the base depths needed for FOG. So I'm happy to note now that I have 10mm and 15mm ancients for use with WMA. I'll keep basing my 15mm guys for FOG, knowing they can be used in WMA whenever needed.