Sunday, October 5, 2014

Revising the blog

A game of Ronin in 28mm. Gary's warband runs across a bridge to plunder a village for its hidden treasure. Yes, he found it and stole it! Matt Irsik's 28mm figures and terrain.

You might have noticed a big gap in posts. I suppose that was a sure sign that I had lost interest. Truth is, I have a lot of wargaming friends and a lot was going on. However, there are other blogs that cover a bunch of those activities. My main gaming efforts are with the Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society. Matt Irsik does the website for our group, and is the editor and publisher of Warning Order, the club's E-zine. You can find our Friday night fight recaps and the website here:

A WFHGS game of Fire and Fury in 15mm. Gary starts withdrawing a Union brigade that is being savaged by the Rebs.

I also game with the Saturday Night Skirmishers, a historical wargaming group that games often at GAJO game store in Sandy, Utah. It's a somewhat informal group, I help keep them communicating and set up some occasional games, but often the group goes for large 28mm games run by the GAJO staff in their great gaming area under the store. The GAJO staff keep a fairly regular picture blog of those games here: Just click on the GAJO Games Blog link.

 A game of Sails of Glory (about 1/1000 scale). My brother and I get to musket range. Very violent!

I've decided that I'll use this blog in a different way now. Rather than cover the activities covered by other people, I'll cover other interesting games with my friends, things that I'm working on, and games I play on the table I've set up at home. I have a growing interest in naval games, and games using smaller scales such as 10mm, 6mm, naval scales, and even 3mm! I try to follow a lot of wargaming blogs and I'll be happy to blog on how they affect and improve my gaming and modelling. I've also found a need on YouTube for a naval Wargaming focus. There are LOTS of channels covering Games Workshop subjects and some historical gaming, but naval wargame subjects are few and far between. I'm thinking of starting a naval wargaming channel and will post a link here when I get ready.
WW1 naval action. Rules are Age of Dreadnoughts by Mongoose, based on the Call To Arms series of rules. Ships are 1/6000 Figurehead minis. Chris at GAJO helped me touch up the painting on these, and they look much better in person. Here, the Grand Fleet's Battlecruisers are about to come under fire. Armored cruisers rush to support them, and destroyers are coming up from behind in case they need to make a supporting torpedo attack or lay smoke.

So for now, if you want to see games by the WFHGS or SNS groups, check out the blog links I provided. As for me, I'll try to up my blog productivity to about 2-4 per month and see where it goes from there.