Monday, April 5, 2010

Age of Eagles- Corunna 1809

Due to Easter holiday, there was no SNS Armchair Admiral night this month, so instead I'll post some pics from a wargame scenario I prepared for the WFHGS group. The rules used were Age of Eagles, a brigade-level Napoleonic set by Col. Bill Gray. I generally prefer this set of rules over Grande Armée.

Overlook of field from the British side.

The scenario is loosely based on the Battle of Corunna. "Loosely" because we didn't have enough villages represented. WE're still working on Peninsular terrain. A detailed account of the battle is described at, with more photos. Basically British General Moore is retreating his forces to ships, and has the cavalry and almost all artillery loaded already. The infantry have to hold back the French divisions under General Soult.

French infantry brigade attacks across a steam in a ravine and is repulsed.

Soult directs a flanking move to the British right. Cavalry had a hard time moving due to rough terrain rolls.

A small British Foot Guards brigade battles a large French regulars brigade- and is pushed back from the ravine!

French right- French launch several attacks against few British defenders. Heavy losses on both sides.

Three French brigades attack the British right of two brigades. The pressure is on.

The British right begins to fall back.

The Center: the lead French brigade is mauled by musket fire but the following brigade aims its attack at the Foot Guards.

Success on the French right: a French brigade of regular troops takes a town at bayonet point in a breakthrough charge!

The Foot Guards are crushed by Fresh French regulars. The British right retreats in front of determined French attacks. The center breaks, and the British concede the game.