Monday, October 25, 2010

October Game: BlackPowder Napoleonics

Allied left flank- the cavalry brigades.

Again there was no Armchair Admirals night this month. There was a big game of BlackPowder Napoleonics, though! Dennis put a scenario in 1813 together so our guys can get their fix for this fun game. Not as large as the game at Kenn's during the summer, this one took up 3 of the tables at GAJO. The basic scenario is a French spoiling attack on the advancing units of Russians and Prussians.

French Right- Infantry columns and a light cav brigade.

Allied Center- includes Russian grenadier battalions.

French Center- includes some veteran units.

Allied Right. French left in distance.

On allied left, French Cav deploys while infantry bumble about.

Allied center. French attack columns make grand assault across a river into the allied lines. Lucky dice rolls, or Napoleon's genius?

Allied right flank hit by heavy French cav. French left bumbles about and refuses to advance.

Allied cav sees off the French cav on the allied left. French infantry still undecided about their enthusiasm for this battle.

Allied center battalions are being pushed back by veteran French troops. Terrible casualties reported.

Some of the French left infantry begin to advance. The most left French brigade still isn't willing to attack. Did the courier fall wounded on the field?

Allied right. Here comes another wave of French infantry.

Prussian j├Ągers defend the woods on the allied right. No wonder the French don't advance in this sector...

The French right forms square and begins a slow, methodical march towards the allied cav brigades.

Uppity French light infantry make a sudden march through the woods to attack the flank of the motionless allied cav, shocked at this French arrogance.

The allied center-right is definitely feeling the pressure of French columns...

Orders evidently never arrived to the French left brigade, which sat there for the game. Bummer, monsieur...

And with that we ran out of time. The guys have decided to have another go at this in November for Game night.