Wednesday, March 20, 2013

2013 Catch-up

My 10mm Hittite army for Warmaster Ancients.

Time to get caught up on the wargame fun of the last couple of months. Hadn't intended a break but there you are. First up are pictures of the WFHGS Warmaster mini-tournament. Because we didn't have as much time to play, we limited the armies to 750 points PLUS the general and then bonus units for the territories you owned. As you can see from the picture above, that still means I can bring a horde of Hittites! We played 3 rounds in 6 hours, and it was a ton of fun!

My skirmish-capable Chariot units. Remember, these are 10mm.

The Hittites get slammed by Norman heavy cavalry. And promptly get destroyed. 

Hittites vs. Vikings this time. Hittites hate armored troops.

Hittites vs. Indians this time. A close win for me.

This year I came in third place, just barely ahead of Matt's Indian army. We had so much fun with this set up that we have decided to hold a couple of these mini-tournaments this year at the 750-point level.

Warhammer Fantasy Battles: Orks vs. Vampire Counts.

Just to be different, Kenn and Dave sponsored a weeknight SNS group battles of Warhammer. I showed up with my favorite greenskins. It's been a long time since I played last, and we had to refer to the rules a bit, but somehow I managed to avoid destruction at the skeletal hands of Dave's Vampire Counts. We should do this again some time, it will give me incentive to paint some more.

Battlefield of Friedland 1807. Center and left of the Russian positions. Greg is texting to find out where the Imperial Guard have gone to.

Kai put on a very nice game of Grande Armée, the battle of Friedland. On the Russian side, we decided to put caution to the wind and attack with aggression. Due to some very good intiative rolls, we were able to do that, while the French seemed to have trouble bringing their reinforcements (Imperial Guard) to the table.

On the Russian right, the French are smashed and have to reform on the center's flank. These Russian troops were then free to march to the river for a flank attack on the French center.

While the Russian left kept the French right pinned and busy, the Russian center troops finally pushed the French center back. Cossacks helped to keep skirmishers away from the Russian troops, and finally the French center broke. The Russians have a win against Napoleon in 1807! Kai is planning another Grande Armée game soon.

Somewhere in Tunisia, 1943. Flames of War 15mm.

If I can keep my gaming tables cleaned off, my brother and I intend to do some gaming in my command bunker. This time we played a simple 1000 point game of Flames of War. I sent a Panzer company against Dave's Armored recon. Only his armored recon included a platoon of M3 Lees and an artillery battery. Before I knew it my Panzer III's were gone, company HQ surrounded and burning and Panzer IV's on fire. Darn those bazookas!