Thursday, November 25, 2010

No battle reports for Early November

Mantis Warriors assassinate the Nobz in a wartruk. Such Fun!

Due to my work schedule and poor timing, I was unable to attend the Armchair Ambassador's night. Terry put on a game of pre-dreadnoughts using 1/3000 naval miniatures. I heard good things about the game but have no photos.

Likewise I missed the SNS game night where Jeff G put on another game of Blackpowder Napoleonics. A fun time was had by all, but alas, I again have no photos.

So, in the interest of keeping your interest, I include a couple of photos of a Warhammer 40K game I played against Dave B quite some time ago. My older-figures Mantis Warriors Space Marines fought a tough battle against his Space Orks.

One way to take down a warlord.
(Note the old-style dreadnought!)

In the meantime, I'm busy priming and painting a French tank company for Flames of War using the BlitzKrieg army lists. These troops will counterattack the blitzing Germans in the Tanksgiving FOW battle at GAJO on Saturday. Hopefully a worthy account will follow.