Friday, March 12, 2010

Age of Dreadnoughts Game

German Battlecruisers keep British Destroyers at bay.

For our February Armchair Admirals night, Chris at GAJO set up a great scenario using the "Age of Dreadnoughts" rules by Mongoose Publishing. He created a strategic map that let each admiral plot their fleet movements and when contact was made, the ships came out. Great job, Chris!

Norm made a dashing destroyer admiral and definitely proceeded aggressively in his search for the German ships. Gary R played his role as the German admiral very carefully, and definitely had us double-guessing ourselves as he managed to shell the English coast and lay a minefield. There was a great moment of uncertainty when one of the British destroyers mysteriously blew up- was it a sub or a mine? Eventually though, we managed to get in range to attack the german ships. In the first encounter, the smaller cruisers tried to identify and slow the German battlecruisers but they took a terrific pounding and some losses.

British battlecruisers enter from the right. German Battlecruisers need to exit at photo bottom.

Norm charged in with his British battlecruisers. My British dreadnoughts were one map hex away, struggling to get into the fight. Norm decided to really give the rules a test and charged right in!

As the Germans cross the "T", British battlecruisers turn to port from the line ahead formation.

Damaged German ships on the left fall behind, but leading British ships are taking serious hits.

Blucher is in trouble, and the Lion-class battlecruisers are repeatedly hit. Tiger is in trouble.

1/6000 HMS Tiger by Figurehead miniatures.

Although we did not get to the point where my dreadnoughts could come into play, I was very impressed by these rules. The combat system is fun, record-keeping is fair, and I love the special traits and actions allowed by the rules. We'll be trying this again. After all, the Germans got away...