Thursday, November 26, 2009

Catching Up

Egads! Where has the time gone? My work schedule got a little busier, and attempts to keep up on this blog fell behind. Sorry about that. Wargaming did continue. Here's some glimpses of some of the games I've been involved in. Some are from the SNS group, and some from WFHGS.

Waterloo via Grande Armee - 15mm
Ney is in command of the French Right Flank awaiting the Prussian hordes.

1813 via General De Brigade - 15mm
Prussians and Russians hold against French allies.

WW2 Russian Front via BlitzKreig Commander - 1/285
Russian Armor flanking the town is counterattacked by desperate infantry. Panzerfausts strike back.

Massive game: North Africa WW2 via Flames of War - 15mm
British depot in center left holding against huge german armored assault.

In the Sudan via Battle For Empire (revision playtest) - 15mm
Ansar Infantry hold entrenched position behind thorny zaribas.

The Sudan, continued:
Ansar cavalry make short work of the Camel Corps and light horse.

SYW via Age of Reason - 15mm
Ottoman cavalry crunching what's left of Russian right wing.

SYW continued: Russian left assaulted on 3 sides by overwhelming Ottomans.

AWI naval action via Grand Fleet Actions - 1/2400
Arbruthnot vs. Des Touches 1781 off the Chesapeake.

Ancient warfare via Warmaster Ancients - 10mm
Charge of Assyrian heavy chariots.

Egyptian light chariots are speed bumps to the Assyrians.

Egyptian archers shower Assyrians in arrows, Last stand for someone...

Egyptian infantry prepare to munch what's left of Assyrian center.

Golan Heights 1973 via Cold War Commander - 15mm
Israeli artillery, tank fire and ambushing bazookas wreck a Syrian mech infantry column.