Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Mini Wars - A Start

Welcome to my new blog! 

My Mini Wars is dedicated to covering the exploits of little lead or plastic armies and navies fighting it out for world - or galactic- domination. Miniature wargaming has its roots going back to H. G. Wells and his book "Little Wars" which detailed his hobby of playing simulations or games with model soldiers. Similarly, in the inter-war years between WW1 and WW2, Fletcher Pratt and Fred T. Jane invented naval wargaming using small model ships to simulate naval maneuvers and warfare. Of course it all goes back to the German Generals and their use of Kreigspiel, or the wargame, to plan their upcoming battles.

The nice thing about miniature wargaming is that there are no little lead widows.  After a game of miniature combat, the generals shake hands and brag about their exploits. What I find remarkable is that most wargamers I know have a profound understanding of history, a deep appreciation for our fellow citizens in the actual armed forces, and a genuine desire for actual peace. If only the rest of the world would follow suit.

My ramblings here will sometimes cover the activities of several wargames clubs active in the area of Salt Lake City, Utah, as well as my own battles with friends and our support for the best wargame store in Utah, GAJO GAMES (

Photo above is of 25mm Napoleonic British from action with the Wasatch Wargamers club in Bountiful.


  1. Hi Mark,
    My interests are in Field of Glory Early Republican Rome era and Roman Seas , an ancients naval game.
    I am very new to miniature wargaming . I am in the process of painting my very first army using HaT 20mm miniatures.
    Best of luck with your new blog,

  2. Thanks, Chris, you're the first person to comment on the blog!
    I think you'll like FOG. I've put together a Visagoth army in 15mm with painted figures from GAJO, and played against a Roman Foederati army. Romans are definitely tough. I'll have to develop just the right strategy to wipe them out. FOG plays well and the game was a lot of fun. BTW, I think HaT figures are awesome.

  3. Thanks for the reply, Mark. My boy is 9 years old so I will have an opponent in the near future !
    I got into wargaming using HPS Simulations PBEM games. One of my opponents for a long time has been John Munro . I mentioned to him that I was going to convert the old Avalon Hill game Alexander the Great to miniatures. Its then he told me he was one of Scotland's leading Ancients players using DBM but had playtested a new set of rules called " Field of Glory" which he considered superior to DBM. I ordered my copy straight away. What a surprise. Rules clearly set out with lots of examples and well illustrated.
    I intend to get a 15mm army together so that I can play other guys since 15mm is the most common scale .
    If you get the opportunity to get a Field of Glory game together I would like to come along as an observer. Problem for me is that I can never guarantee when I will have free time. However I will do my best.

  4. Some great scenery in those battlefield settings.
    I will have to get up to the gameshop in the near future and have a look at their scenery resources.