Thursday, June 25, 2009

Brimtok Campaign - Marines clobber Space Orks

Marines deployed in a central position with Terminators on a 2nd story platform and the Dreadnought in the middle.

Dave B and I played out one of the smaller skirmishes which take place as the Mantis Legion (or Mantis Warriors) makes landings on planet Brimtok. In the last skirmish, a 500-point marine force was destroyed. This time it was different. Taking place in city terrain at a location known as "Node 15" The Marines were trying to wipe out a small 700-point force of Orks gaurding an important warboss. 750 points of Mantis Warriors deployed in a central position ahead of the ork advance.

Orks advancing through the ruins of the bombarded city, which slowed them down tremendously, even with a "waaagh!" order. Note the warboss on a trukk on the flank.

Turn 1. Scout marines, infiltrating on a dangerous mission to assassinate the warboss, get a very lucky glancing hit on the trukk, which careens off the table edge and gets wiped out. The warboss is dead!

The scouts make a break for it, but the ork kommandos catch up.

Three Killa Kans burst through the ruins of the city's ruined sanctorium, and the farthest one gets hit by a plasma cannon blast from the marine dreadnought. Meanwhile, the main ork mob is having a few difficulties just trying to get through the rubble.

The kommandos wipe out the scouts in hand-to-hand combat. This game is an assassination mission, and the score know stands at 2-1 points in favor of the marines.

The terminators shift position on the platform and maul the remaining kommandos, killing all except their Nob- who promptly takes cover and prevents the marines from getting a victory point for wiping out a unit.

The main mob finally gets in position to charge the tactical squad. The killa kans are all immobilized or destroyed. All marine units begin firing on this mob.

The surviving mob charges! The nob charges the dreadnought with an amazing 7 attacks!

Everyone "piles in." The terminators and chaplain may make the difference as several tactical marines get crunched.

One by one the orks go down until the Nob is left, and surrounded by terminators, a chaplain, and the dreadnought. SPLAT! 

The Mantis Warriors win 3 points to 1. Node 15 victory gives the marines a force bonus. There is one more Turn Zero game to play before we actually get done with the initial landings and start the first turn!

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