Sunday, June 21, 2009

SNS June Games

Our Saturday Night official gathering featured two games this month: Field of Glory 15mm, and Blue Sky/Red Sun 1/300.On the Friday night following, a few of us got together to go through the rules of Flames of War again.

The Early Visigoth army prepares to advance.

Dominate period Late Imperial Romans advance the skirmishers.

Visigoth heavy cavalry covers their right wing.

Legionnaires stand fast as the wings advance.

Skirmishers clash. Roman light cav comes off worst.

Roman cataphracts move up to support retreating horse archers.

...and that's where it ended up when time was called. Late start=unfinished game. Of course the game was an introduction game to two new players. Favorable reviews from  participants. All figures prepainted from GAJO.

Meanwhile, in the Pacific, it's air combat between the US and the Empire of Japan.

Zeros are collecting a world of hurt. Russ put together all the nifty flight stands for his aircraft. I understand the Americans scored the victory.

One week later, Chris has set up another excellent table of the French countryside for Flames of War 15mm.

British infantry company starting positions. Support from a troop of Churchills and a troop of Shermans with a Firefly.

The British advance on the 2nd Panzer units defending a series of small hills bisected by the main road. There are already two burning armored cars on the British right flank. Curse those 88's.

2nd SS panzers moving up under cover of the flak batteries, which managed to knock out at least 5 Typhoons!

Close up of the 88's. Actually there was also a pair of 88's with the Jagdpanthers, and another pair of Pak43 88 AT guns. Figures painted by Gary Rhay, I'm told. British figures somewhat painted by me, I'm afraid. The game was called after 2 turns, as we had started very late. Lesson of the day - smaller forces are the rule for shorter battles.

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