Saturday, August 1, 2009

1805 Trafalgar refight

Last weekend GAJO put on the largest naval game held there so far, a refight of the historical sea battle of Trafalgar (1805). This is the famous Age-of-Sail battle between the British (under the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson) and the allied Franco-Spanish fleet. Unfortunately for me, I had to work that afternoon and was not able to participate. Chris at GAJO tells me he will have photos of the battle up this weekend at   I was able to get pictures of the setup on the Friday night before.

HMS Victory leads the windward column toward the enemy.

The rules used were Grand Fleet Action,  a very good set for managing a large fleet action. I'm sure everyone had a great time last Saturday. Tonight, our club's first Armchair Admirals session will be held playing a WW2 naval game using the Micronauts: the Game set from GHQ.

While Chris set up the Trafalgar refight in the store lobby, several gamers including some of the N.U.T.S. players as well as some of our SNS chaps playing a large desert WW2 battle using Flames of War rules. From what I could tell, it was a game more for introducing new players and  refreshing up on the rules. The table was packed with figures as you can see. From the look of things everyone was enjoying pushing armor.

Panzer III's maneuver through a gap in the ridge.

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