Saturday, August 22, 2009

August so far

Sharpe Practice: blinds used for Fog of war.

Lots of games going on, but not enough time to document it all.  Most notably, our Saturday Night Skirmishers group experienced out first game with Sharpe Practice, a set of skirmish/small tactical Napoleonic rules by Too Fat Lardies. The WFHGS group has enjoyed playing this set, and Dennis set up a a big game where most of our members could try it out. From the reaction so far, it looks like several members are putting forces together and we'll be playing this again.

Gary's Russian column is revealed to defending French

French company defending; Troop ratio = 1:5

French Voltigeurs and artillery hold the right

I've also managed to get in a game of Babylon-5 space combat, and Chris at GAJO put on a game of Grande Armee for interested players. The focus was Waterloo. This time Napoleon kept Ney (me) busy with the French right at Plancenoit, waiting to hold off the Prussians, while the Guard was thrown right in to overwhelm the Allied right flank. 

Centauri and Shadows deploy.

Fireballs represent the Centauri left wing getting slaughtered; Shadow ship drifting, lifeless. Victory to the Earth Defence Force and their Vorlon allies.

Waterloo: French Guard and other lesser mortals swarm over the Allies.

French Cuirassier division holds Flank at Plancenoit, waiting for the Prussians.

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