Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Games

USS Hood (Dreadnought) heads right towards the Klingons as USS York (Heavy cruiser) moves to flank.

I managed to save vacation time to apply it during the Christmas and New Years holidays this year. It was a struggle though, tho find time to get in some wargames during the time off. Too many other commitments I suppose.

My brother Dave and I have been wanting to get in a trial game of Federation Commander (Star Trek) spaceship combat. Dave managed to get a couple of Starfleet models put together with some great decals, and a couple of Klingon warships as well. We decided to play the game up at GAJO so others could see the game in action. Unfortunately, the big winter storm front hit while we were playing so our trip back to Utah County was interesting to say the least!

USS York swings around trying to repair a damaged shield, while USS Hood pounds on the Klingon dreadnought.

Now USS Hood pulls out to repair shields while the Klingons plan to gang up on the York.

Surprise move. USS York passes close over the D-7 and blasts away with phasers and close range photon torpedoes. The Klingon ship was damaged but the Dreadnought started firing as well. The York decides to make a run for deep space.

York just barely manages to stay ahead of pursuing Klingons, who can't seem to catch up. But how long can the York sustain hits from disrupters?

USS Hood comes in from the flank and starts launching torpedoes. The Klingons are losing shields and hits. Both sides have had enough (and it was really starting to snow hard outside!) so each side broke off and headed for their respective starbases. For now the sector remains contested.

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  1. It was the Hood (heavy cruiser) and Star Union (dreadnought).