Monday, August 9, 2010


WW2 Soviet armor columns rush to the front lines.

Normally I don't post much on games I play with the Wasatch Front Historical Gaming Society, as Matt Irsik usually takes the pictures and creates a battle report for that club's blog, at Unfortunately, Matt and a few of the other gamers couldn't make to their last game, so I've got some pictures I'll post here. We played BKC, WW2 microarmor on the Russian front. I used a terrain layout similar to the game Russ and I played. In this scenario, the Soviets have occupied a couple of towns with infantry. German armor and infantry are counterattacking and Soviet tank brigades are trying to reinforce. The beauty of this game is that the command system must be used carefully of command foul-ups can wreck your plans in a hurry!

Germans deploying on the far right. In the right corner, a Panzer IV battalion is beginning a flanking sweep around the occupied town. It was at this point that the dice began to roll badly for the Soviets!

Good command rolls place the Panzer battalion on the flank of the dawdling T-34's.

Soviet command can barely manage to deploy one battalion to face the panzers. The rest of the column failed to move!

The Germans learn from Sgt. York, the turkey shoot begins. T-34's and SU-76's burn after several very good German command phase rolls.

Some damage to Pz IV'x as the Mech Infantry move to attack the river crossing.

Meanwhile, Dave D's Russian tanks and infantry try to hold back Gary S's Assault guns and Tiger.

Endgame. PanzerGrenadiers occupy the river crossing and cut off the Soviet supply route. With the armor destroyed, the infantry in the villages can't last long.

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