Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Update

Another game of AOE, Corruna scenario again, using terrain from GAJO. Tons of fun.

I have to apologize to my readers, I've been neglectful of my blogging duties and must repent.
My bad.

OK, now that's over and time to post pictures.

FOW. One of the many battles for Bois de Bavant Nord.

The SNS group has been deeply involved in an FOW campaign devised by Craig Tyrrell who runs the GAJO store. It's based on Operation Goodwood, where the British are trying to break out of Caen and thrust armored forces past the German defenders. Things went well for the Commonwealth at first, due to overwhelming artillery, airpower, and naval bombardments. The British armor and infantry steamrollered over the dazed defenders and pushed into the fields of France. However, the German defense stiffened and began clobbering the Commonwealth units. Two territories are being constantly battled over. In the picture above, my British armored company is getting quite royally spanked by Norm's dug-in German grenadiers. As of this writing a third battle is being planned for that same wooded area. The second is in the picture below.

The ruins of Faux de Vaucelles.

Across the canal from Caen, German infantry regiments counterattacked at F. de Vaucelles just after a Canadian infantry brigade passed through. Thoroughly entrenched, these German defenders have beaten off assault after assault, trapping the 4th Canadian brigade in Fleury-sur-Orne and cutting them off from supply. Now at turn 7, another attempt is being made to get out of Caen and reopen the lines to the 4th Canadians, who themselves are under attack by panzergrenadiers. It's going to be a tough turn.

Might and Reason. 15mm SYW.

Chris from GAJO put on a game of Might and Reason, Sam Mustafa's brigade-level game of the Seven Years War. Scenario was Prussians versus Austrians. In this game, two stands together represent a brigade of troops. A little different than Grande ArmeƩ, Mustafa's Napoleonic game, but very fun. In fact I think these rules came off better than GA. Chris is slowly building up each of the major and minor armies required to play a massive campaign using the board game "Soldier King" by Avalanche Press. I've volunteered to help paint the Turks, but I'm off to a very slow start.

Sharp Practice. French companies on the march.

Dave Baker has assembled a force of 28mm British troops to use in Sharp Practice, a small-tactical game for Napoleonics. Off course as soon as he was ready the French had a go at the Brits. I modified a scenario from Charles S. Grant's Scenarios for Wargames book for the WFHGS group. Very fun. Both the WFHGS and SNS members enjoy this great game.

Dave B's British infantry defending the woods. Each unit represents a company.

The advent of Victrix and Perry plastics for Napoleonics has really made these larger games possible for more members. However, some of the figures can be difficult to pose. Some of the members have been hiring Chris at GAJO to help paint their figures so that we can more quickly get some games played. These figures are also often used for our Black Powder napoleonic battles.

The US fleet takes a pounding from the Japanese in 1943.

Naval games have not been forgotten. Russ put on a game of Micronauts: The Game for our Armchair Admirals night. Played in 1/2400 scale, the detail on these GHQ ships is fantastic. The scenario was a recreation of the Battle of Komandorski Islands. This time, instead of battling it out at long range as occurred in the actual conflict, Norm raced the Japanese fleet directly towards my American fleet. His fire was more accurate than mine, and soon the USS Richmond was badly damaged and at half speed. The US destroyers made a gallant effort to slow down the Japanese cruisers, but the high seas prevented effective torpedo launches and soon the US navy had lost four destroyers. With the battle lost, the Salt Lake City made a quick retreat leaving the doomed Richmond to her fate.

I'll get you yet, Norm!

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