Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blackpowder Big Bash

Kenn's BIG table outside. View from the east, I think.

On the last Saturday in July, Kenn invite the clubmembers to a gigantic game of BlackPowder napoleonics held at his home up in the mountains. The scenario was loosely based on the "what if?" idea that Napoleon had slipped away from a tactical victory at Waterloo and was rushing eastward to defeat the Austrians and Russians who had a little bit of help from Prussians and English troops as well. Actually it was a great excuse to use all of our club's 28mm napoleonic forces in one giant game! Ken had built a giant table on his backyard porch for the event. Unfortunately, it was one of the summer's hottest days and the minis got a bit warm to the touch. SO did some of the players... actually I think I melted, just a bit... but we survived. We also took a a break midway through the game for a cookout with sausages, bratwurst, and lots of delicious salads and chips. A great game as well. Thanks to Kenn and everybody who helped make it fun.

Austro-Russian deployment in the west. Austrians closest to camera. This turned into a giant traffic jam along the road, as the off-camera woods to the east were quickly occupied by the French and held throughout the game.

In the foreground, the obstructing woods. Mike's casualty counters at the ready. A giant alien bowl of chips has landed in the battlefield, only temporarily. Stella the Wonder Dog patrols for dropped food.

The Monster of Europe appears to lead his troops in battle. Hmmm, safe behind the artillery, I see...

The French columns move towards the eastern town.

Clash of Titans. The French win this one.

French artillery and cavalry move to block the advancing Russians.

For now the Prussians and British hold the town.

Allied defenses in the town. The mysterious moving Coke monument in the background.

Overall view. It's hot, very hot, yet we're still very much into the big game concepts outlined in the BlackPowder rules.

For much of the game the traffic jam continues, as the Austrians and Russians have command roll problems getting their troops forward into battle, and the French gleefully launch cavalry regiments at the leading columns.

On the left, the French hold the obstructing woods. In the center, Austrian cuirassiers capture a battery and battle the enemy cavalry. On the right, the Russians finally get rolling.

Command problems keep the Asutrian heavy cav from charging when they need to... their flanks in danger.

Austrian infantry shift their attacks on the woods to one flank.

French columns hit the town defenses. Nasty, and complicated.

The Russians push out of the agricultural zone and head for a large hill covered with French.

Town ownership is in doubt, and the allied line moves back...

The French western defensive lines. Here come the Austrians and Russians...

French cavalry counterattack Russian infantry which I notice are not in square. Oops. Ouch. Crash!

The French have held those darned woods the entire game. But now the Russians and Austrians move down the road toward the dwindling French main line.

We had to stop the game when dark rain clouds appeared over the mountain tops. We could tell Salt Lake City, on the other side of those mountains, was getting hit good, so it was only a matter of time for us, and take down would take a while. Still, the game was enjoyable, the food and companionship excellent. Another big bash will occur.

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